Brutally simple pattern interrupt…

an effective pattern interrupt

Attention is the fuel that drives the machine.

Without it…things can get tough.

And when everyone is screaming, how do you stand out?

I’ll give you this brutally simple pattern interrupt in just a second, but I’ve got to put it in context to show how effective it really is…

The IKEA chaos…

I told you a little about our adventure a couple of days ago, and…well, we made it through.

And even stayed mostly on budget, a major victory for sure J

As we were driving back, my mind was going 1,000 miles an hour. 

Talking with Mel about various projects, ideas to improve our home, the kids talking and scheming about all the cool ideas they got.

So I was fully engrossed in conversation, ideas, and more…

Remember, I mentioned that this was simple right?

Well, I was sitting at a stoplight…waiting.

All of a sudden, something got my attention.

It was a young man holding a one of those signs that some people spin. 

He had been standing still and I didn’t notice him.  He didn’t stand out, and really he blended in.

But…he moved.  He changed his state.

It broke my conversation, my thought process, and I immediately focused.


Wasn’t a bull horn, a flashing sign, someone pounding on my vehicle…just a little…movement at the right time. 

Motion is the best pattern interrupt you have, so bust it out and use it.

Brandon “Don’t have to yell” Pugsley

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