Broken, smashed, and discarded…

Cut down day…

Yesterday the dreams of 1,376 professionals were wiped out.

For most people like us, the NFL isn’t a focus (even though it’s still fun to watch)

What about those people who’ve spent their entire lives dedicated to their craft?

In business, we often talk about the 1%. 

If you’re in the 1%, you’ve made it.  Well, every one of those men who just had their career virtually ended weren’t just in the 1%…they were in the .1 of 1%. 

They are super-athletes, and yet none of them were good enough.

They didn’t fit with their team, couldn’t beat their competition, and now are on the outside hoping for another chance.

It’s often said that the NFL stands for Not. For. Long.

That’s just as true in the business world.

Think about your clients, and all the businesses that are positioning, posturing, and competing to take your business away.

It’s a brutally competitive field, with many more that want to be successful than actually are…

You can hone your skills for years, but it take more than just skill.  You need the right circumstances, the skill, the connections, and even a little luck. 

But, it can be done…and it can be done by anyone.

Very different than the NFL.

It’s actually why I spend so much time focused on email and the backend marketing systems.

It’s kind of like the offensive and defensive lines in Football. 

You can have all the flash in the world, but you’ll just be average without that killer base.

For us, 85% of your sales happens after 90 days

That’s why your email game must grow and develop.  I has to be fun, welcome, entertaining, and deliver enough to make you a welcome guest.

That’s how you build that base…that line…that relationship with your clients.

That’s how you build a business that doesn’t just survive “cut day”…it’s built for the Super Bowl.

Have a great Labor Day!

Brandon “Let’s get it on” Pugsley

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