Bound and gagged by best practice

bound and gagged by 'best practice'

“We always use ‘best practice’ in our marketing.”

That’s what I heard come from the owner, inwardly I cringed because I knew what that meant.

But, I gently asked, “So you’re playing safe and telling your folks to hustle more?”

Ok, maybe I wasn’t quite that direct…that would have put them on the defensive.  When I’m talking with a person I really don’t want them to shut down…or throw me out on my ear 🙂

Buy you, O’faithful reader, you know that I get more than a little assertive on these pages. 

Sometimes it’s to vent, but mostly it’s to really get your attention.  When you’ve had years and years of platitudes and gratitudes, cutting through all that mush gets a little tough.

I digress…

I asked a more leading (aka, gentle) question, “That working well?”

“It’s ok…” and then he went into detail about their email and we looked at some of the data.

ave a guess as to what I found?

A whole series of emails that was ‘on brand’, built according to best practice, and ultimately…meh.  Sales were declining, people were not engaging, and holy grail of ‘data’ was all on the decline.

Here’s the rub…

They didn’t have anything wrong, but they we’re virtually guaranteed to be ignored by the majority of their list. 

Here’s the not-so-subtle hint…so are you.


Well, that’s the subject of a training that I’m currently building out.

Some of what I teach (and have generated 100’s of thousands in sales with) you definitely won’t agree with…

Funny how that works!

Because ‘best practice’ is code for ‘playing it safe’, and most people are perfectly willing to use the same tired subject lines and templates that have been published for years.

It’s just comfortable.  But, that doesn’t actually do anything for your business…even more so if you’re provide expertise to your clients.

So, if you want to build a brand built of loyal followers who are willing to open, engage, and…yes…even buy your products and services…

Well, this approach changes the game. 

Brandon “Killing best practice” Pugsley

PLUS:  When you’re ready…here are a couple of ways I can help:

1. Email Case Study

If you have an email list of 500 or more, you may be surprised on how many sales are hiding in plain sight.  If it’s bigger…the opportunity is significant.  As a case study, I’ll work with you one-on-one and we’ll setup a few emails to send to your list and document the results.  Just put “Email case study” in the subject line, and I’ll send you the details.

2. Adding A New Revenue Stream

If you’re already making some sales with a funnel, and are looking to add an additional revenue stream to your business (I target adding 30-50K a month).  Just reply and put “New Revenue” in the subject line. 

3. Mastermind with me One-on-One

If you’d like to work directly with me to work up a detailed “evil mastermind” scheme so you can apply leverage and scale…just reply and put “mastermind” in the subject line…tell me a little about your business, what you’d like to work on, and I’ll get you all the details.

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