Rachel…Joel…and now Russ Henneberry (diving into content!)

“Just ship it!” – Russ Henneberry Content is often looked at as a massive undertaking.   Is like the Troll under the bridge…making scary noises, might even look big and bad, but you still have to get over that bridge.  But…do you REALLY have to?  Social is incredibly powerful, and that power cuts both ways. […]

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Flattening The OTHER curve…

“It is not our mistakes who define who we are, but how we recover from them that defines us” – Unknown I was on a ‘check-in’ call with a client yesterday. Simply, my goal was to support, encourage, and of course to help with the recovery.   I was shining the light on his blind […]

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Embrace the problem

“Calm down.  Analyze and assess the situation.” – Col. Hal Moore, US Army. I was a Military leader… In simple terms it meant that I had a team who depended on me, and who I depended upon. The military spends a lot of time training.  Spending a lot of thought, energy, and money to put […]

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