A Simplified Biography

Hi, I’m Brandon Pugsley.  For those that are interested, here is a little more information about me.

For more than 20 years, I have been delivering results by guiding and coaching driven people:  Athletes, Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, Executives, higher performance teams, and other high impact professionals.  (Read this as Type A, hyper-competitive, and….well you get the idea.)

While 15+ Years in Corporate Leadership and Executive positions created a deep understanding of processes and how to develop and apply them effectively, my passion has continually brought me back to delivering results by building and helping people build businesses.

Thus my firm was established.

I’ve had Success, but…

Since 2003, I have been focused upon the results of business building, and helping people achieve their goals. I was fortunate enough to work and lead within some multi-billion dollar businesses, and this resulted in the privilege of leading some exciting business ventures.

The results was growing and winning new business (meaning new customers or new capabilities) that exceeded $427 million dollars, spread across Information Technology, Software Development, Product Development, eCommerce, and a few other professional service business models.

I have delivered positive growth results through developing and leading major projects associated with strategic planning, branding, marketing, business development, new market penetration, sales, capture and proposal processes, and many others.

The one point I will highlight (and is relevant to you), is that the majority of my leadership activity was in projects where I was not the “boss”. Meaning in order to succeed, the team members had to get on the bus voluntarily! Not delivering results was never an option.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandon for several years now and have been extremely impressed with his keen ability to assess an opportunity and understand the business development process from an organizational perspective. I’ve seen firsthand how he drives revenue by understanding an organization and turning that into successfully captured business. His unique and insightful understanding of the total sales and business development process is an asset to any organization.
Dan Chun, President, Occam Solutions

A Few Highlights

In additional to major growth campaigns, I have guided and mentored a number of smaller businesses and ventures.  Here are a few outcomes:

  • Consulted with a number of sole-proprietors to define and implement a marketing strategy to take advantage of social media technologies, resulted in an increase of new business and the divesting of a non-profitable venture.
  • Provided mentoring to a technology product company that allowed rapid monetization of a product to a new customer market, which led to a multi-million dollar revenue stream.
  • Developed and facilitated a multi-part training course focused upon generating new leads for a mid-size organization, and improving the conversion rate for the sales team.
  • Worked with non-profits to define and establish a business plan that enabled a 5-year reserve to be built in less than 18 months.
  • Broke a 2-quater sales decline by redefining the product messaging, connecting to a new customer base, and implementing a pricing methodology.
  • Had operational responsibility for multiple businesses, ranging in size from $1 to $50+ million in revenue.

Other  Interests 

There are many stories and things that go into everyone’s background, and that have shaped their perspective and beliefs. Here are a couple of mine!

  • My family is extremely important to me, and I would not be able to put the amount of energy into my projects without their amazing support.
  • I have a strong patriotic belief, and served in the U.S. Navy.  For my brothers, sisters, and families who are still serving, thank you!
  • I taught Martial Arts as a much younger man, and still consider the lessons I learned in the Dojo and the Arena as some of the most impacting upon my life. One lesson that I learned early and often is that you always underestimate your ability to persevere.
  • I love a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and really enjoy a good beer. However, the best is a good conversation!

Enough About Me

So, now that you know a bit about me, I invite you to browse, ask questions, and remember positive growth results are the goal.

Enjoy the journey!

Ready to begin?  Let’s talk today!

Brandon Pugsley