Working from home…like every day.

4 kids bouncing through the house just to see if they can set off Mt. St. Daddy….

Is this a circumstance of the virus?


It’s every day.

But, this little virus has disrupted everything else in our, and everyone else’s life.

There’s panic, and fear…I have have zero judgement on how you feel.

But…I believe in you.

I’m currently working from a broom closet, at my in-laws, so we can help Gram and Pap deal with their business…because taxes are still due to the IRS and that’s their business.

As we adjust and work, I was reflecting on belief and how fragile it can be. 

And my 10 year old was dropping some Kung Fu Panda knowledge…

(Cause we watched it on the drive up)

We were talking about how they don’t get to play with their friends, and how they’re taking martial arts classes through virtual classes.  

The little tyke dropped some a little knowledge, like kids are prone to do…

  -That Shifu had to teach Po (the Panda) differently that he had taught all the Furious 5.  

  -That we just need to work a little differently while we deal with the virus.

  -That Po got beat up a lot when he was training, but he got better. 

I smiled at him…told him, “you’re pretty smart”. 

He laughed, “Dad, the Dragon Warrior comes from inside…from belief.”

Love that kid…

Anyway, I hope you and your family are healthy and taking action. 

Fear is a powerful emotion, but do you know what stronger?


That’s a belief worth pursing.

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