Beatings will continue until Sales improve

Increasings sales

(No pitch included!)

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really pay attention to my email yesterday.

Truth be told, this email may not see the light of day either…

…because email boxes are overflowing with hype, more hype, deadlines, and all manner of business trying to create a feeding frenzy to separate you from your dollars.

Have you bought anything?

Do you have FOMO? 

Even my wife braved a trip to the outlets yesterday (much to my chagrin and against her better judgement)…

And she returned defeated, as she spent almost 40 minutes and couldn’t even get a parking spot.


Does that mean that there aren’t good deals available…um, no. 

Outside of my eCommerce business, I’m actually not doing promotions here at all. 


Because if you buy something from me, my expectation is that you’ll use it and profit from my products or services in your business.

The “Here’s 600 course with over 1,000 hours of instruction” do absolutely nothing for you.

What they do create is a sense of overwhelm and actually paralyze your mind.  They (more often than not) keep you from taking action…

I heard Bryan Kurtz talking about this too, and I agree with his conclusion. 

If you’re buying a program during this time, it should be to solve a problem in your business right now. 

If it’s for a future issue…then pass.

Simple and executable.

Just the way I like to do in my business, and how I coach.  Too much instruction stops progress, so don’t take the bait. 

Maybe instead of spending money, take this holiday season and take advantage of what you have and build out that foundation.

If you’re already rocking and rolling, prepare to scale. 

I can assure you that nobody is going to miss another breathless “last chance” email…

Brandon “Against the grain” Pugsley

PLUS:  When you’re ready…here are a couple of ways I can help:

1. Email Case Study

If you have an email list of 400 or more, you may be surprised on what you already have.  If your list is bigger…the opportunity is significant.  As a case study, I’ll work with you one-on-one and we’ll setup a few email to send to your list and document the results.  Just put “Email case study” in the subject line, and I’ll send you the details.

2. Results First

If you’re already making some sales with a funnel, and are looking to get more results from cold traffic, or, if you want to add another 10-50K of revenue each month.  Just reply and put “results” in the subject line. 

3. Work with me One-on-One If you’d like to work directly with me to work up an “evil mastermind” scheme focused on leverage and scale…just reply and put “Scale” in the subject line…tell me a little about your business, what you’d like to work on, and I’ll get you all the details.

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