Why Advertising +#038; Remarketing Is The Ideal Strategy For Growing Your Business

We need to test more creative!   We need new copy.   We need new videos.  We need new...

One thing about Facebook advertising is that the creative is GOING TO fatigue.  It's only a matter of time.  

Simply put, that means that you always have to be creating new copy, creative, videos, and images to be used in your advertising...

...then you have to hope that Facebook won't ban your account, or pick a fight with Apple so that all your tracking gets blown up. 

This puts an incredible amount of pressure on your media team every month to return a positive ROI for your advertising dollars. 

For many businesses, small businesses, solo operators, local businesses... just don't have the time to manage all that copy, creative, media buying, and management.

So what are the options? 

Let's think about this another way...

Here's the very first test to see if you're giving away business to your competition.

Open your phone.  Type in your business name. 

What do you see? 

If you don't see a full page of links to your business, your competition is pulling traffic off your brand.  (And, this isn't about any ads on the page...just the links).


Facebook used to have the best tracking platform available, but Apple stopped that in May of 2021.  Since then, ad costs have gone up and effectiveness has gone down. 

So what about Google? 

92% of search traffic is run through Google.  

Plus, the #2 search engine in the world is YouTube.  (Which is also owned by Google). 

Finally, because neither Google nor YouTube is an app, none of the tracking restrictions that Apple does impacts those platforms.

So long term if you want your business to continue traffic, leads, and sales the smart investment is to start putting energy into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

 SEO can be very technical and complicated, and you can actually damage your site or get penalized if you do it wrong. 

But, getting $1,000's of dollars worth of traffic to your site every month (without watching all that ad spend go to Facebook or Google.)

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Get that traffic system setup for your business! 

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