“ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS”, blasted through the megaphone…

Really, this happened.

We’d just spent 4 days working from the Creative Cabin overlooking Lake Washington.

And what happens when you get a bunch of creatives together who get it…

A video breaks out!

No script.  No real plan.  Just a hook and understanding that this is supposed to be enjoyable…supposed to be fun.

“Wrong” – Peng Joon literally speaking through a megaphone…as Keith is trying to get a clean take. 

Totally adlib, fun, and real.

We recorded videos that will be used by at least 3 businesses and maybe a couple more.

But the concept we were working from is real.

Think about how you open your ads.  The pattern interrupt you use.

You know you’re supposed to have one, but are you forcing it.  Would you walk into a social setting and use it? 

How do you naturally enter a conversation…to create the moment where someone stops and leans in to listen.

That’s the way you want your ads to be.

When you do that, (a good pattern interrupt) now you’re using social media to its fullest potential.  It’s how you can drive down your CPA’s, and increase your reach.

So many good things happen when you get in alignment with the algorithm.

Don’t fight it because you can’t win.  Write and build your ads in a way that aligns with the user experience and you’ll get amazing results.

Would you like to see some of the out-takes?

Brandon “Being creative is messy” Pugsley

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