Are you screaming at submarines?

I used to live in Hawaii.

(I know…rough life).

I used to go scuba diving at a nice little beach that we called Electric Beach.

It was on the leeward side of the island and right next to a power plant. 

Well, the plant had a big return pipe that was always releasing warm water into the Pacific…

Attracted all kinds of sea turtles, crazy amount of fish, and was around a really nice reef.

The local boats would take divers out to a wreck a little further out from electric beach. 

The tourists were always excited because the it wasn’t far off the beach, and just a short boat ride and they were diving.


But…the Pacific is not the local lake.

Even when it looks calm, there are waves, and they’re more powerful than you’d think.  And, there was always “that one guy” who just wouldn’t listen to the locals.

Yep…the boat begins moving, a little rock-n-roll, and little bounce…watch them go white…and…

“Screaming at Submarines.”

So, the point here is that a submarine can’t hear you, right.

Let’s turn the boat round’.

Are you screaming at your audience?

You have a Facebook page, prospects, and a list of current customers…but no action happening…

Is the silence deafening?  Can they hear you? 

How do you talk with your prospects (and your students) and keep building the connection…

In a word…stories.

Stories are how persuasion and communication has been done for centuries.

It’s how whole religions are built and passed on.

Well, my faithful readers, you’re in luck.

This month’s Daily Lead is all about story.

Multiple types of stories, and how to tell them.

Brandon “Dive right in” Pugsley

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What’s The Daily Lead?  The Daily Lead is a monthly offline (paper & ink) letter that focuses on a mixture of real marketing message teaching and instruction, along with analysis of email, ads, and campaigns working for me, my clients, and sometimes other subscribers.

This month is all about story (and all the different kinds) so you stand out from the crowd, and make more sales.

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