Are you not entertained?

Ready or not, here we come…

We’ve fully transitioned into the Age of Entertainment.

Think about it.  How many entertainment options do people literally have:

  • 1,000’s of TV stations
  • On-demand music
  • On-demand TV
  • On-demand news
  • 144 character sound bytes
  • The perpetual Facebook scroll
  • The social media mind-meld
  • Millions of cat videos, blogs, opinions, and cringe worthy meme’s ready to suck the life out of the day.
  • Binge watching and video games

The opportunity for people to simply pass you by isn’t just possible, it’s a virtual certainty.

New York used to be the city that never sleeps…alas, now there’s a full city’s worth of entertainment right in the palm of every person’s hand.

On demand.  Available 24-7.  Perfectly tailored.

And judging by sheer number of laugh tracks showing people walking down the street, crashing into stationary objects, driving while watching, and completely oblivious to anything around them…I’d say they’re being entertained.

The key now becomes, what do you do to entertain (and stand out to) your audience to earn the opportunity to make them become customers?

My experience is (and continues to be):

  1. You need to be engaged with them…preferably daily.
  2. You need to be entertaining to get, and more importantly sustain, momentum.

This shift to entertainment has been gradual, but it’s here, and already creating the ‘winners’.

But…the mob is fickle.

It’s why your “daily” message is so important.

And why your content, marketing, messaging, email, video, and even your products must use edutainment if you’re going to attract, convert, and keep customers.

Because they’re going to be entertained and if you don’t (or cant’ do it)…

Brandon ‘Time’s Up’ Pugsley

P.S.   TL;DR – You are your customer! 

What’s The Daily Lead?  The Daily Lead is a monthly offline (paper & ink) letter that focuses on a mixture of real marketing message teaching and instruction, along with analysis of email, ads, and campaigns working for me, my clients, and sometimes other subscribers.

This month is all about combing education and entertainment so you stand out from the crowd.

Deadline is today. 

After that, it’ll be too late.

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