Are you adding to…or taking away?

We sat in the lobby quietly working on our upcoming project.

Although the conference had concluded the day before, our client was busy connecting with his audience in the lobby.

A little “high touch” makes a big difference.

The opportunity to connect and build rapport carries many people through challenging periods.

But…it’s fleeting. 

It can’t replace taking the time to think, strategize, and then act. 

I see too often the cartoon picture of the “beach life”.

Yet I’ve never met a successful…well, anyone…who wasn’t always on the move. 

Not frenzied activity that is often imagined.  Nor the hustle that’s parroted about like an exclusive club.

But, the mind.  It’s always in motion.  The intensity of thought and action could never be mistaken for complacency.

Athletes practice their sport and train endlessly looking for the slightest advantage.  Comedians hone their craft at local clubs, bars, and small crowds before bring it to a large reputation defining audience.  Business people look for the “big idea” that will help them stand apart from the endless competition, and sharks in the water.

Have you thought about what it means to be ‘Elite’?

 ‘Elite’ is a temporary status because the sand under your feet is constantly moving.

But back to our client…

As we finally got together and met in his suite, we started digging in.

Almost casually I found myself on the other side of the magnifying glass…

The common expectation is that you’re looking to add something to your business…

…or to your life.

As we dug in it became quickly apparent that we weren’t there to add to what he was doing…but to take away.

At one point he bluntly stated, “performance is about subtraction, deletion, and removal”.

Then he stopped, and waited.

A​ perfect role-reversal, and now examined how I would approach his business.
Because if I couldn’t grasp the concept on how he created elite performers, then I would be adding to his business rather than subtracting.   Working against the core foundation that he uses to build upon.

I scribbled some thoughts quickly down in my book as this concept took hold.

And off we went…

Do you consider yourself a high performer? 

Ever feel overwhelmed?

It’s a common feeling, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new entrepreneur, an athlete, or a Fortune 500 executive.

The common action?

Adding…rather than taking away.

So, take a look at your daily activity.  Look at all the simple tasks you do that keep you in the mess, rather than above the fray.

What’s one thing you can eliminate, today?

It’s a start…

Brandon “Be ruthless” Pugsley

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