Aqua Net, big hair, and building attention…

build attention to build your audience

I heard the music playing.

Sounded like an old Jefferson Starship song, but it was kinda quiet…across the house.  Next up was Weird Al.  Then some Queen. 

What happened next was more earthquake than anything else…

As I bounded down the stairs into the living room…instead of a move or a TV show I saw big hair, head banging, and 4 kids going crazy. 

Yep, we were watchin’ 80’s videos on YouTube.  And the kids absolutely loved them!

The variety of music and personalities.  The very different kinds of sound and songs.  

They laughed and cackled at Weird Al.  Rocked out to Van Halen.  Were bored by Sting and the Cars.  And went crazy with Twisted Sister. 

(That was the earthquake!)

I laughed and smiled and sang along. 

“Do they really wear their hair that way?”

“Why are all their clothes torn?”

“Why are they showing their underwear?”

(Yes, spandex really didn’t age very well…lol…)

Watching the kids play and sing along with different videos, what was interesting was how different each artist was.  How different each video was.

There were performances, stories, satire, sex appeal, and just plain strange. 

But, their personality was very much front and center.

So even if they were in the same genre, they were unique. 

They used their personality to stand out.

Yes, there were common elements in each song.  Even a pattern that could be followed.

(After all music that becomes popular follows a rather predictable formula.)

But we could learn quite a bit about marketing by paying attention to how these artists created their brand. 

How they created attention, and turned it into currency.

Watch how they use their persona, which is (usually) very different than the real person they are away from the public eye.  How they stand out, and create attention…

There are a lot of lessons in those crazy videos…but the most important one revolves around using your personality.

You can’t grow your empire if you’re a paper cutout of someone else.

Have fun with your marketing.  Whether you know it or not, you actually are the USP!

Brandon “Standing out in the crowd” Pugsley

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