Apply a different kind of capital…

I’m re-reading the book, “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport.

It’s actually a big part of my story because I completely changed industries over the last couple of years…and this is how I approached it. 

The premise is that success is built upon skill, and that your enjoyment builds from that.

He shows why “chasing your passion” will lead down a path that is neither sustainable nor fulfilling.

I find this interesting…

Because every business, every entrepreneurial pursuit must focus on one thing if it will succeed.

Delivering results.

It’d be wonderful to have complete freedom to do whatever we wanted (regardless of circumstance), but my experience with CEO’s, executives, business owners, and high achievers in general doesn’t align with the “pursue your passion” mantra.

They build skills that can translate…and pursue the ventures they want to embrace that leverage those skills.

It build upon the skills they have, and then expands.  Maybe to another company, maybe another industry, maybe to a parallel business…but the skills lead to the next activity.

The key is learning, and being so good that you can deliver amazing results.

Because (and this is kind of the whole point) being so good they can’t ignore you is really about being one of the best.

Being able to charge premium prices…because you’re in demand for your services (or product).

That’s what gets lost in translation…

Pursing a passion is great, but if you’re struggling with customer demand or competing on price…then the skills to generate results must become the focus. 

That’s how you work your way into market position, into having testimonials, and having the opportunity to charge what your deserve vs. the lowest bidder.

Once you’re there…it’s amazing how much passion you’ll actually have!

All that because of the capital you’ve developed in yourself.

But that capital is the skill you’re bringing…and leveraging that to help your customer.

That’s being “So good they can’t ignore you”!

Brandon “Keep sharpening your skills” Pugsley

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