Anti-email mob targeting your future…

Every day there’s opportunity to write copy…landing pages, email, sales pages, and the list goes on.

But, is this skill being targeted?  Let’s come back to that in just a minute…

There are hundreds (thousands) of copywriting courses out there, and thousands and thousands of businesses that both use and don’t use professional copywriters and do very well.

You can’t attend a conference has tons of speakers talking about a flavor of the month copy strategy that allowed them to part the seas and make millions.

Copywriting sure sounds important.

Key McCarthy, (the Godfather of Internet marketing) in his System Letters book talks about the 40/40/20 rule.

A super quick summary…the results of any campaign are built on 3 factors:  40% from your offer, 40% from your targeting, and 20% from your copy.

So, for many the area of your business that has the least amount of impact, the copy, is obsessed over with volumes of articles running all the way down to “split test” the words on a button.

In the world of 80/20, where all successful businesses actually live…that’s not a lot of juice for the squeeze.

Now before you begin hyperventilating…I’m a massive believer in direct-response, and the positive results it builds.

But, we live in a hyper-compressed world now, and your audience is saturated with all these techniques very quickly. 

If you’re just looking to make a quick buck, well…go on with your bad self.   🙂

But Google and Facebook are laser focused in wiping out that kind of approach…and many good people are going to get swept up in their over-zealous aims.

Have you noticed?

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the promotion folder over the last few weeks.  

Google did a recent update to their mail algorithm, and a huge number of business email is now being pulled directly into the promotion and spam filters.

Do not pass go…and thousands of people are just ‘keeping on’.

So, a quick question as I’ll be writing more about it the rest of the week, what are you doing to make sure your communication is actually being seen?

Brandon “I’m curious” Pugsley

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2. Results First

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