An 8 hour customer service call…

The experience matters

I hope you had very Merry Christmas.

For kids, weeks of anticipation built…

The shopping, the music, the TV shows, the commercials…everything.

It builds until Christmas morning when it’s unleashed in a wave of flying paper, projectile bows, and squeals of joy.

Then there’s the kids… J

So, did you get what you want?  Or did aunt Martha give you a 2-sizes too small shirt that…one, you wouldn’t wear, and two, now have to return.

It’s one thing to embrace the crazy of a pre-Christmas crowd, but the post-Christmas one?

That’s a special kind of torture. 

And those kind should manning the customer service desks over the next couple of weeks should definitely be given raises.

Reminds me of a story I heard about Zappos, where one rep spent 8 hours helping a customer get what they wanted.

Really…8 hours! 

Granted, it’s a bit extreme, but we’re moving well past the days of price being the reason people buy.
That kind of support spreads and builds a brand just as much as the service you provide.
And a little factoid… 

Acquiring a new customer is the most expensive thing you do, so the experience of the ones you have is really important.​​
No matter what business you’re in, being a commodity is not what you’re looking for…so have you thought about it?
The question of trust is always at the front or every customer’s mind when they look at your business, and the #1 factor on why people will buy again.
Companies like Zappos (acquired by Amazon) have changed the game on serving customers, and we either adjust or lose market share.  
The experience you deliver must extend beyond just what they bought.  So, stand up and share your personality, even better if you’ve got some quirks. 

Keep the experience in your mind as you deliver and serve your audience. ​​​ 
A superior experience turns skeptics into screaming fans, and brands are built (or broken down) when there are issues.

Brandon “focus on the experience” Pugsley

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