Am I ‘a freak’?

Gotta be honest, even writing that sentence made me stop.

It brings forward a strong emotional response no matter how you look at it.

I’ve been called it for good things…and been called it as a cut.

But, that’s a demon I’ve had to face many times (and still do on many days).

But, I find myself turning into the wind on this…

Because that word really boils down to one thing.

“I’m different”.

In the video I shared with you yesterday, it talks about scars, about running away, hiding, about responding to being cut down. 

But doing so in a strong way.

In a way that steps forward with strength.

He’s a little truth, most people will never understand what you do!

What drives you forward and pushes you to be a high achiever, to stretch out and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, to buck the 9-to-5 and reach for something greater.

And that’s ok.

For more than 20 years I’ve been building businesses…

But, it’s sterile.  There’s little passion. No energy. 

It wasn’t until I started looking for the people I want to help that I got really fired up.

(It ruined me for the traditional world because not only has my mission changed, but I’m emotionally connected to the result I deliver.)

And I want you to have that passion and the successes too.

Cause without it…things quickly turn into a slog.

You end up taking on crappy projects…

You let the business walk all over you…

You’re constantly ‘plugged in’ and not expanding your impact…

Well…how does that end?


So, I’m inviting you…

To find that emotional connection. 

To go past the ‘happiness cliché and really connect with what you want.

(No judgement here, as long as you’re really connected to it).

Like the lyrics…

I am free.  I am brave.

I make no apologies.

This is who I’m meant to be.

This is me. 

Brandon “Step out and claim it” Pugsley

P.S.  Here’s that link to the video…

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