Assign Agile Innovations As A Facebook Ad Partner

Before we can help you grow your business using Facebook Ads, Agile Innovations need to have access to your business’s Facebook Ad Account and the Facebook Page you want to run ads from.

The best way to do this is within Facebook Business Manager (if you’re not using Business Manager, then start here instead).

Here’s how to add us to your account.

How To: Assign Agile Innovations as a “Partner”

First your Facebook Ad Account…

1. Go to the homepage of your business manager (where it lists all the accounts). If you’re lost then click on the icon in the very top left of the navigation menu to get back to the home page.

2. Navigate to “Business Manager Settings”

NOTE:  Facebook makes frequent changes to this interface, so look for the actual menu as it may not be in exactly the same location.  The “All Tools” link at #2, will expand your menu if you need it.


3. Select the Ad Account you want to give Agile Innovations access to. Navigate to the Ad Account & Page by using the menu docked on the left hand side.  We’ll be in the Ad Account section first, and then Pages.

4. Click “Assign Partner”



5. Enter the Agile Innovations Business ID (below) and click Next.


6. Select “Ad Account Admin” for the role and click Next (it will check the other two boxes for you).

Next we have to add us to the Facebook Page you want to run ads for…

7. Return to the “Business Manager Settings” page and select “Pages” from the left hand navigation menu.

8. Select the page you want Agile Innovations to run ads for

9. Click “Assign Partner”

10. Enter the Agile Innovations Business ID (below):


  • Select “Ad Account Advertiser” for the Role
  • Then copy / paste my business id (right below in bold) and click Connect.


That’s it! Agile Innovations is now an “Assigned Partner” for your ad account.

That means I can access your pixels to setup your website properly.

Remember, you can always see and manage the Assigned Partners for your account on the “Assigned Partners” tab.