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Your Life.  Your Priorities.  Your Freedom

Hi, I'm Brandon Pugsley,

For over 20 years I've been a rainmaker.  A strategist for companies.  The guy behind the scenes used to build business, create winning offers, turn them into revenue, provide jobs, and ultimately grow the business.  

And I completed my BIG pivot in July of 2019 (with 4 kids and my wife).

I took almost 4 years of working 2 jobs, 2 parallel paths as I learned to apply my skills, and learn the nuance to generate revenue using online channels. 

To absorb as much as I could, discover my gaps, what works, to learn a different way to produce income and revenue, and most enjoy what I was doing.  

Why pivot?

For me it's all about TIME, but it didn't start that way...

Could this happen to you? "We're Selling Your Business"

It was 2015 and we were killing it.  Revenue was up, and we were blowing away our was going to be a banner year.

The President of the company called me into his office.  Went something like this...

"We're selling the business, and we're breaking your group up.  You can stay or go...up to you."


From, "things are awesome" to... "I wonder if I have a job" in 60 seconds flat!

That was the day everything changed, and I realized something.  

I'd Allowed A Business To Put My Family At Risk

 Well, the very first decision I made was to mitigate that risk, so I wasn't dependent upon any organization for the health, happiness, and success of my business.

Sure I could get another job, but the fundamental circumstances wouldn't change.  I was was dependent on them...

The  phrase, "It's only business" is often thrown out in situations like these...

So, I looked in the mirror, and made the decision that has changed my life. 

It was time to build an exit path, and build a business that delivered the TIME and Income that I wanted. 

How To Get Up And Running Fast?

I had built 6 businesses to 8 figures, so I had an idea about building and running a business.

But, I also knew the strategies behind selling online and selling in person were different, and a quick peek at our the marketing materials we were using and the results that they generated confirmed it...

So, I started studying Direct Response marketing.

I thought I needed to really understand the technical aspects of this business, and over the last 4 years I did several important things.

First:  No matter what, you're going to invest Time or Money.   

I did both. 

I joined high level coaching programs, masterminds, and purchased programs.  I've easily invested close to 100K of my own dollars and countless hours.

 (My wife teases me that I've spent more on marketing programs than I paid for my college degrees..and she's probably right).

Next: I applied & served.

I built a series of clients, and took care of them.  I ran masterminds, wrote copy, translated my expertise to different business industries, niches, and models.

I undercharged, but that was intentional.  I needed to apply the combination of my expertise and these strategies in real circumstances. 

Every single course or program I purchased I applied.  

I knew that theory is cool, but you have to do it.  To act on the information, and find your voice.

Finally:  I eliminated.

I've written copy, run Facebook ads, built Funnels, performed "done for you services", consulted, coached, and made my own products.

Each time, I put it through "The Chrusher"...the 3 critical questions:

  • Do I like this?  
  • Do I want to keep doing this?  
  • Does it deliver TIME & INCOME to my family so I can be a Dad and a husband?

I eliminated what I didn't like, kept what I did, and moved forward...

In short, I performed a series of micro pivots...but here's the rub...

Sustained Success Is All About The Pivot

Nothing works perfectly...

And, nothing is a complete failure. 


Jack Nickolas says, "Golf is a game of misses"...well, so the game of business. 

Learning the lessons of others, to check the ego and take feedback, and to act in the face of ambiguity.

That leads to untold successes. 

There are 2 phases that everyone goes through...learning & acting.

I focus my clients on action. 

Of course, I do some teaching, but dropping into learning mode doesn't deliver TIME or INCOME...

So it fails my test.  

Your circumstance is unique, your gifts are unique, and you already have much much more knowledge than you think.

But, none of us can see beyond our currently level of experience. 

It's why I believe so much in mentoring and coaching (and why I continue to pay to receive them myself.)

Here's what you can expect from me.

1) Interviews with thought leaders, expertise, coaches, and people who deliver results in Precise Pivot:  Join the Free Group Here!

2) Discussion, strategies, and tips that you can use right now.

3) Invitation to work with me when you're ready to get some help. 

If you've taken those first steps of making a pivot...

Whether that's building that first income stream, breaking your business down to create more leverage, or are looking to adjust your business model to deliver more time or income.  

I'm likely already been through that (more than once).

SO, jump into my free group, or listen to the podcast.  

I look forward to meeting you in person...

Here's what to do next.

I've put together a free training that actually breaks down the process that I've done in more than 24 industries, and is responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue.  

If you're looking for help right now, watch this short video (it's 25 minutes).  If this helps you, we'll continue the discussion...

Pretty simple?

Thanks for reading and let's go!

Brandon Pugsley