About yesterday…

You never do forget.

I sat down yesterday to send you a note and stopped.

I felt…odd.

Yes, it was the 9/11 anniversary.

And as I watched my email box fill up with promotion, sales, BS, and junk mail… I was a little exasperated.

Nobody was running a 9/11 sale, yet I saw politicians try and turn a tragedy into a weapon…again.

I turned it off.  Maybe never to come on again…we’ll see…

9/11 isn’t just another day…but the further we move from that impact the more trivialized it’s treated.

So I didn’t send anything out.  Didn’t publish any articles, meme’s, or posts.

I simply worked on a small number of projects, and spent some time reflecting.

I talk a lot about developing a relationships with your clients.  With taking the time to get to know them, and treat them like you want to be treated.

I’ve been trolled for this a couple of times (which I find amusing), but I don’t want my business to be this huge monstrosity. 

This fits my personality and the successes I’ve engineered.

I want to work with a few clients (whom I like) and help people develop the lifestyle they deserve with their business.

I’ve lived the “big business” world…it’s why I went into business myself and why I write the way I do.

There’s so much positive impact that can be accomplished with a business, and those lessons matter to me.

I’m ok with pushing people away because that creates space for those that connect with my belief and mission.

(And Yes, that’s a massive lesson from Dan Kennedy!)

But the fun thing about being a “follow-up fanatic’ is you’re focusing on where the majority of the people (and the dollars) actually live. 

And it takes pressure off every other aspect of your business too.

But…I’ll get deep into that data soon enough.

So, today send a note to your clients.  Be personal, talk about what matters because it matters to them too.

Remember that people want to buy from you, not your company.

Here’s to another day…make it count!

Brandon “Positive reflections” Pugsley

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