A Vampire that needs to be turned to dust

It seems that in the life of every entrepreneur there comes a time.

A time where those little vampires that take up your day have to be…put down.

T. is a good friend as well as a client, and he runs a very successful business.

We were chatting about how he was doing, and he share a number of things he’s accomplished over the last few months.

Then the reality came tumbling out…like a weight falling to the floor.

“Brandon, I’m going to be trapped here for a while…”


This is not what we had planned!

While he had been working on a special project (and it’s beautiful)…

The other part the business had secretly invited the vampire in.

Now that the dark creature had infested T’s business, they were seeing a decline in new clients.

But worse than that…after all the effort he expended to build out this new project, now he has to jump back in to the other side of the business…

And build that back up again too. 

It’s a vicious cycle that really is a vampire…

Do you see the cloaked figure staring at you from inside your business? 

You do have a choice.  You can allow it to feed on your energy and your time…


Expose this beast hidden in the shadows to the light…and turn it to dust.

No matter your size, everyone has to face this diabolical creature, and in your best attempt to do what’s right…you invite it back time-after-time.

I for one have had enough. 

I’m on a mission to wipe these time vampires out.  To help a select few clear the coffers and enjoy their work…

To Double Your Income. Double Your Impact.

To create a Legacy.

Brandon “On a mission” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m in the final phases of an implantation program, and I’m looking for few case studies.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you consider yourself an action taker, deliver your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re not getting the income or impact you want from your business.  Just contact me and I’ll share the details.

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