A tried-n-true way to light your money on fire

A little while ago, I was working on a client’s onboarding email series.

He’s got a nice martial arts program, and generates a number of passive leads every month.

I noticed in his email system there were not very many people on his list, and the quick math told me something was off.

“Hey, what happened to your list?”

He answered, “my partner doesn’t like to leave them in in there if they don’t answer the phone…”

I took a deep breath.  After all, I just spit a mouthful of coffee all over my laptop…

I managed to stammer out, “why?”

“He likes the system to be neat”.

By now I was feeling a little feverish, but we bantered around on the subject and made a few changes…

A little common core math for us slow-pokes at home.

Let’s be conservative here…call it 10 leads a month.  120 leads a year.

If they’re not a rapid responder, you’re likely to get around 10% to raise their hands within 90 days.  (Remember, I’m being conservative here…)

Thinking in dollars, what would another 12 students do for your program?  (Even at the lesser price point and a short term membership, we’re talking some pretty serious coin here…)

Oh, well…but at least the fire’s warm!

It’s really all up to you anyway.

And I really do get it…

Sending a daily message takes some effort, but in my experience it’s still the absolute best way to build a relationship with your tribe and to make the most sales.

To learn my scheming ways, check out The Daily Lead…ugly early bird page and all.

Brandon “Sittin’ round the campfire” Pugsley

P.S.  We all fight tech, and I’m no different.  No perfection allowed, just keep building….  🙂

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