A simple trap filled with punji sticks…

A simple trap we fall into in business

Had my camera set up.

Lights.  Mic.  Everything was good.

Slides were done (and based on a ‘proven’ formula…whatever that means).

I whipped through that video and got it recorded.

Sent it off to a friend (who’s a fantastic copywriter) and who’s spoke at my intensives before…

Let’s just say…it didn’t go well.

“Who’s Brandon trying to be?” was one of the questions that I heard back loud and clear.

I laughed and told them, “You’re right”.

I knew that first version was bad.

Ok…it sucked. 

But here’s the kicker. 

I’ve never written an ad, ran a webinar, a sales video, a presentation…that was GOOD on the first take.

I was trained to ship. 

Do it.

Do it again.

Do it a third time.

And…get feedback every time.  Then it’s ready for prime time.

This little trap is worse than a jungle pit filled with punji sticks. 

Simple and deadly!

You can’t correct your own imagination.

You have to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

And you can’t see the holes you’re about to fall into…that why we’re here.

The great Gary Halbert used to take his copy down to a local bar and read it to the patrons.

Jay Leno used to tell his new jokes in a local bar before moving up to The Tonight Show.

And for most of my adult life, every single week I brought my most recent ‘copy’ into a room with a group of 10 people who’s entire job was to tear it apart.

Humbling for sure.  But…I had to learn that they were there to help, and to check my ego at the door.  I learned a lot and eventually I was the one teaching people how critique and improve. 

My how times have changed…

So, who’s giving you feedback?

Are you getting “good job”…AKA the ultimate non-comment.

Or actual feedback that improves you so that you can engage a larger audience and grow?

This stuff can be hard…I’d recommend you go with a pack.

Brandon “Impact is a choice” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m getting ready to stand up a small Implementation group.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you consider yourself a higher performer, sell your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re getting results that are a little ‘below the line’.  Just contact me and I’ll share the details.  

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