A Good Idea: 4-wheelers and 4-kids…

Dropping in on you during this holiday weekend with a little story…

Yesterday, my family and I (including all 4 kids—under 9) went up to my brother-in-law’s hunting cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

A couple of hours in the truck (one way) with the requisite “potty breaks”, and our sanity was mostly intact.

All good…

As we pulled into his lot, making it up the road described by my mother-in-law as a “goat path”, the trees opened up and there was a little picturesque cabin with a smoke trail coming from the fire pit.

“This is going to be fun, I thought to myself…”

But about the time that thought flashed across my mind and before the tires stopped ROLLING, there was this thunderous noise that came from the back.  Seatbelts flying, doors flying open, ‘offs’..’owws”…and the “get out of the ways” were coming fast and furious.

I wasn’t sure what to do first, but stop the truck and put it in park won.

As I inhaled to scream a set of expletives that would have made George Carlin proud, and my wife put her hand on mine and smiled.


Sitting in front of the house were 5 4-wheelers that were to be the “fun” for the day.


For next the several hours we made excursions back into the forest.  You could smell the crisp air.  The scent of firewood being burned. Hear the crickets, frogs, and birds adding to the atmosphere.

You could feel the rise and fall of the motor, bounce of the trail, and even the whip of the branches as we learned how to control the 4-wheelers.

The smiles, muddy arms and legs, and happy talk told the story of the day!

As we sat around that picturesque fire-pit late in the day, listening to the kids giggle and cackle…my mind wandered back to that trail.

It’s been a rainy summer by their cabin, so these “trails” had a lot of interesting obstacles that the whole family learned to get around.

There were some that were easy, nice and wide.  Some that were narrow, and you’d better be paying attention.  Some that had enough water that would come up to the guards. Others that look easy, but had enough muck in them to trap a family of 4-wheelers and have everyone hiking out.

Those trails are such a metaphor for your business…right now.

Are you on a wide open trail?  Have a narrow set of trees to get between?  Or, are you up to your axels in muck?

Yesterday was September 1st.  We have a full quarter left in 2018.

I’d love to know what obstacle you’re set to navigate.  Are you cruising, squeezing between a tight spot, or just plain stuck.  Click reply, and tell me about it…

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

Enjoy the journey,

P.S.  No offer right?  What self-respecting marketer doesn’t make an offer on a holiday.  Maybe I will, but not right now. Enjoy your family, enjoy the weekend…the journey can wait a couple of days.

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