7 Horsemen of the Self-Talk Apocalypse

“If you want to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh or they’ll kill you.”  — George Bernard Shaw

We’re in the people business. 

Which means we’re in the persuasion business. 

Now there are a number of ways to influence and persuade a person when you’re face-to-face…

But, those same ways don’t amount to a hill ‘o beans if you can’t get past the biggest, baddest, most conniving set of horsemen that are blocking their way.

These guys are truly evil, and yet they all must be vanquished…eventually.

Let me introduce you to these inglorious maven so you know who we’re up against: 

  • What will my ______ think of me?
  • Aren’t I too old/young/broken/popular/unpopular/pretty/ugly?  
  • It takes too long to learn?
  • What if I get hurt?
  • What if I do it wrong?
  • What if I don’t have the time?
  • Will it make me feel stupid?

So, how do we break down these demons of defeat?  These scourges of self-talk?

Well, first off we don’t charge straight at after a call of “fix bayonets”.

We need to be a little less ‘full-frontal’ to get past these gatekeepers without triggering a call to arms.  

The best way I know how is to use…ed-ju-tain-ment.

You can smoothly bypass every one of these horsemen when you do it in this way.

I actually always kind look at this with a sense of wonder because it’s really quite simple. 

​​When you’re able to make people laugh.  When they enjoy being part of your world…you make them think differently. 

They begin to care and be more passionate about things.  They willingly look to you.  And yes, movement, change, and belief actually happens.

But it’s a lot more than wry jokes and a quick wit. 

It’s edutainment at the highest level.

And guess what?

If you learn how to apply this skill to your business, you can enter a whole new world of impact.  (Because you’ll be pre-positioned as the source…the guide to help).

Your leads, intros, sales, influence, and even impact will have expanded way more than the rest of your competition who continue to peddle “value”.

I talk about this extensively in The Daily Lead.

And there’s simply no time to lose…

Brandon “Be The Vanquisher” Pugsley

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