5 examples of finding stories to email about

We go through countless experiences every day…

Yet, how often do you sit and stare at the “cursor of death”.

That silly blinking line that’s laughin’ at you, tormenting you to just write…something..

Ok, maybe that’s just me.

Well, it did happen sometimes, especially when I wasn’t writing every day.

Sitting down and writing took TIME…I could bang out a full presentation in a couple of hours.

But…write an email…  Man, that could take me half the day.

Have you experienced that?

That simple act of writing just one lousy email taking a couple of hours.

But here’s the thing…they get easier.  They get quicker.  As and you get more experience with them, then they become fun to write.

And…they’re fun to read too because you’re not like everyone else.

With all the noise coming into your inbox, isn’t it refreshing that you’re not seeing another “3 HOURS UNTIL DEADLINE”  subject line.

Alight, let’s come up with 5 examples of story from every day events…

I’ll take you through a little of what happened in one day, and show you 5 stories that could be used for an email to sell your product, program, or service:

Morning:  Didn’t go to martial arts training because we’d been there 5 days this week

(  How to plan rest into your schedule to ensure peak performance, both mental and physical.)

Late morning:  Started work on the yard, watch professional yard team finish before I completed my front.

(   The benefit of hiring professionals to help you, both personally and professionally.  Take advantage of a professionals skills, end up with a better product, in less time, with less effort…  )

Early Afternoon:  A basic lunch with the kiddos.

(    Got to thinking about all the amazing foods that are right at our fingertips, or at worst a short drive away… )

Late Afternoon:  Had help come over and cut up tree branches.

(   Having the fancy tools wont’ do you any good…too many people play with the shiney toys, ooh and aaahhh over the tools used in their business.   But, what you really need is a little help, a little elbow grease, and the effort to keep working until it’s done.  )

Evening:  Dinner with friends, sitting on patio.

(  Easy to load “15 Tons…but doesn’t do any good if you don’t take the time to be with your friends, family, and enjoy the journey  )

Just an every day weekend just like the one you just went through…but ripe with opportunity for you to profit.

There’s so much opportunity to tell stories, and I hope this gets your creative juices going…

Brandon “Find the story” Pugsley

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