Monthly Archives: March 2020

Flattening The OTHER curve…

“It is not our mistakes who define who we are, but how we recover from them that defines us” – Unknown I was on a ‘check-in’ call with a client yesterday. Simply, my goal was to support, encourage, and of course to help with the recovery.   I was shining the light on his blind […]

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Embrace the problem

“Calm down.  Analyze and assess the situation.” – Col. Hal Moore, US Army. I was a Military leader… In simple terms it meant that I had a team who depended on me, and who I depended upon. The military spends a lot of time training.  Spending a lot of thought, energy, and money to put […]

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Working from home…like every day. 4 kids bouncing through the house just to see if they can set off Mt. St. Daddy…. Is this a circumstance of the virus? Nope. It’s every day. But, this little virus has disrupted everything else in our, and everyone else’s life. There’s panic, and fear…I have have zero judgement […]

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