Monthly Archives: February 2020

Social media horror story…

“I have NO idea what to post about!”   Not saying he shouted it, but the grimace and frustration on his face was obvious. For others…the blank stare was even more telling.  Basically, pleading with me to tell him what to post. But my evil, diabolical ways are not that simple.  So I created a […]

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You never “find” time

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” – Anonymous I was talking with an entrepreneur a couple of days ago, and she was implementing some of the strategies we were working on, and she let out a deep sigh… “Things are crazy, and I’m having trouble making the time”. I was actually very […]

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Would you walk away from more than 6-figures a year?

They said I was crazy…but maybe you can relate. I’d spent years building up to this, and as I look at what had been built I realized something. And…it kind of turned my stomach. I could work in the business that I’d built for years to come, but there were things missing. First and foremost […]

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A Vampire that needs to be turned to dust

It seems that in the life of every entrepreneur there comes a time. A time where those little vampires that take up your day have to be…put down. T. is a good friend as well as a client, and he runs a very successful business. We were chatting about how he was doing, and he […]

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