Monthly Archives: January 2020

A simple trap filled with punji sticks…

Had my camera set up. Lights.  Mic.  Everything was good. Slides were done (and based on a ‘proven’ formula…whatever that means). I whipped through that video and got it recorded. Sent it off to a friend (who’s a fantastic copywriter) and who’s spoke at my intensives before… Let’s just say…it didn’t go well. “Who’s Brandon […]

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You don’t close the President

We’d just wrapped up… 3 years of work, countless hours, training, rework, adjusting to new intel…everything had gone into a 45 minute presentation. We then had about 30 minutes of questions. I was intently focused on the lady at the head of the table.   SHE was the President.   (Yes, I’ve actually briefed a former POTUS…but […]

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Surefire way to cannibalize your market

Think back to the last ah-maz-ing meal you had? Can you smell it?  Taste it?  Is your mouth watering a little?  Was it home cooked or at a restaurant? Now, did you share the experience, either with your friends or on social? My bet…probably yes. We love to share fantastic experiences.  And, even if you […]

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Aqua Net, big hair, and building attention…

I heard the music playing. Sounded like an old Jefferson Starship song, but it was kinda quiet…across the house.  Next up was Weird Al.  Then some Queen.  What happened next was more earthquake than anything else… As I bounded down the stairs into the living room…instead of a move or a TV show I saw […]

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