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The case against goals

I hate the term goals (even if they come from a place of good intentions). When I was running a much larger company, I’d set goals every year. We’d lay out what we accomplished last year, and then lay out new goals for the upcoming year. Obviously, I wanted to set a good example for […]

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An 8 hour customer service call…

I hope you had very Merry Christmas. For kids, weeks of anticipation built… The shopping, the music, the TV shows, the commercials…everything. It builds until Christmas morning when it’s unleashed in a wave of flying paper, projectile bows, and squeals of joy. Then there’s the kids… J So, did you get what you want?  Or […]

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I knew I was in trouble…and there was nobody to help

This was bad. I’d just been pulled over the top of a wave. I was “in the wash”. Tumbled over and over… White water, crashing, spinning, and no idea which way was up. Holding my breath and waiting on the sea to calm. Finally… I breached the surface…but it was too late.  Another 4,000 pounds […]

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Have I received my daily death threat?

So, it’s come to this… We gauge the success of a marketing message is by the amount of vitriol and hate we receive back. One of my clients is running a really simple Facebook Ad.  It’s a short video where he’s talking about his service. Yet, he’s receiving messages like, “I hope you die’. The […]

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The samurai model of content creation

“I know nothing about surpassing others. I only know how to outdo myself.”-Bushido It started as a comment…and I wanted to understand what I was hearing. “Because the Gary V. model works”. I get it… He’s literally built a business around the concept of content creation, and he’s very transparent about his “hustle”.  Whether you […]

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