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Beatings will continue until Sales improve

(No pitch included!) I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really pay attention to my email yesterday. Truth be told, this email may not see the light of day either… …because email boxes are overflowing with hype, more hype, deadlines, and all manner of business trying to create a feeding frenzy to separate you […]

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The mother of all comfort foods…

It’s Thanksgiving and I wish you and your family a wonderful day of food, family and being together. Do you ever wonder about how foods got started? As the US gathers round the Thanksgiving table, there’s 1 side dish that will be served on more than 30 million tables this year. And it started as […]

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Does ‘copywriting’ actually hurt?

I’ve been having this recurring thought lately. I study direct response copy, I write a lot, and I’m extremely thankful for… The legends who documented what they did so we could learn. The “how to’s” and tactics that are talked about today by most sales and marketing leaders. And for the skills that can be […]

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No Black Friday deal required

I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because I get to spend it with family. Of course having 4 kids hopped up on sugar and playing with all their friends… …watching football games with crazy adults… …and the awesome food also helps.  But I really don’t like the Black Friday crush. Yes, it absolutely makes […]

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Do you hit your audience over the head?

I got this question about how I use a CTAs from a client. ——– I noticed that [my email] doesn’t really have a CTA. It’s a bit implied by what’s being said and the link to the course at the end of the mail. However, usually I’ve been told over and over again to make […]

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