Monthly Archives: October 2019

Iron Man, Hulk, Cinderella, and a Fireman…

…you just never know what they’re going to pick. Yep, it’s Halloween and the kids are hopped up on sugar, bouncing off the walls, and looking for more. Yesterday I got one of those “flashback videos” in Facebook.  It was only from a year ago, but it made me smile. (Here’s the video, but don’t […]

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One program? Is that it…

“We’ll need to come up with another product” A couple of years ago I was working with a client. We’d done some decent work, and the campaign was working fairly well.  It was ROI+ and the sales were building. As we got into the discussion, it became apparent that there had been internal discussions about […]

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How every subconscious mind works against you

You can’t throw a rock without someone talking about the power of your subconscious mind. Yet, the subconscious mind of your prospect (the people in your audience) actually works against you! Have you ever heard the phrase, “don’t make me think”. For you to really expand your business, you have to make them think! Look […]

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Trying to live off cotton candy?

It started out as a simple question, “what do you want”? I sat there on the chair, by the beach in San Diego, and thought… “Holy crap, I don’t know”. I’m used to putting people under the microscope. To help them get past the mental head trash that keeps them from moving forward. But, that […]

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Troll shows why a strong mental game is a must

Ahh, criticism. Yesterday I caught the slings from some poor soul that I insulted.  Apparently, I did the grievous by pushing them to take action.   I’m shocked….um, no. The easiest thing to do in this mob-rule, troll invested, throw everybody under the bus, hyper-judging social world we live in… (Wait, I forgot what I was going […]

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