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Don’t do this if you want to compete on price…

“the key to rapid success as a preeminent business is to fall in love with your clients.” ― Jay Abraham All around there was activity… People heading off to work.  A traffic jam in the distance.  Sirens coming from the other direction. Yet, here was this peacefulness and quiet looking over Lake Washington. The largest lake […]

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10,000 versions of Facebook?

A maze of rumor, conjecture, and actual facts. One of my friends got a note in his Facebook Ads manager that his ad copy was too long. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal except that long copy is exactly what he is known for. He literally has built his entire business around this single […]

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The accursed good idea fairy…

I’m here to make you more sales. Let’s flashback to 1991 for a second. Bill Clinton was running for President, there was a lot of debate going about the message that his campaign should focus upon. Like any smart enterprise, they had about 3 really solid points that they were building their message around. 1.  […]

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5 examples of finding stories to email about

We go through countless experiences every day… Yet, how often do you sit and stare at the “cursor of death”. That silly blinking line that’s laughin’ at you, tormenting you to just write…something.. Ok, maybe that’s just me. Well, it did happen sometimes, especially when I wasn’t writing every day. Sitting down and writing took […]

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Falling on the production treadmill…

The dreaded faceplant… Ever seen the “fail” videos?  You know the ones where you see a person running on a treadmill, and they stub their toe…and ‘boom’ the stumble and are whisked down the treadmill onto the floor. Every once in a while you’ll see one where some young guy (it’s always the guy) hits […]

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