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Have you ever experienced total freedom?

I have a friend of mine who’s a pilot. He was an airline pilot, but he gave that up. Didn’t like the idea of being an airborne bus driver and he left that industry some time ago. He’s gone onto much bigger things 🙂 But he never lost his passion for flying.  For the feeling […]

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“Facebook is like the fridge”

“Even when you know there’s nothing new going on…. …you still go and check it every 10 minutes.” I know…really lame joke. But there’s a key lesson in there. When people are making bad jokes about how everyone is always on Facebook, you know that we’re looking at the land of normal from in the […]

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What I learned at the County Fair about Facebook

Ever been to the County Fair?  Every year there are little fairs that begin the turn towards fall.  People flock to em’ for Bull Riding, the demolition derby, and of course the rides. Well, we took the kiddos over and got them the “ride-till-you-die” package. There’s this one ride, and every fair has a version […]

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Why your email ends up in the junk folder

Never do this in an email…if you want it actually read! Who are you writing to? Is it your list, your customers, your prospects? Your friend, family, or spouse? I’ll bet that little ditty rarely enters your mind… Because email makes more sales than any other digital channel, we get focused on chasing those dolla’ […]

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Happy to lose the Whale…

“There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath…”   ― Herman Melville It finally happened… “We no longer require your services”.  And just like that…my largest client, both in revenue and in duration, walked out the door. But this wasn’t just my […]

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