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Are you not entertained?

Ready or not, here we come… We’ve fully transitioned into the Age of Entertainment. Think about it.  How many entertainment options do people literally have: 1,000’s of TV stations On-demand music On-demand TV On-demand news 144 character sound bytes The perpetual Facebook scroll The social media mind-meld Millions of cat videos, blogs, opinions, and cringe […]

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Even the kids are vibrating with excitement

Mom, dad, 2 sons, and 1 daughter…completely drenched, covered in mud, tired, and laughing through a day of exercise. What sorcery can cause such madness! Have you ever hear of the Tough Mudder race?        Gotta tell ya’ about the ‘mini-me’ version… Picture this: There’s an obstacle course setup that’s challenging, but easy enough that […]

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The dead fish attraction principle

Ever hear of Zig Zigler? On the of most famous motivational speaker and sales trainers ever. When he first started out, he had a habit that everyone said would cost him.  That it would tank his career. Do you know what this audacious habit was?    He would start every speech talking about his faith.  […]

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How your prospects are really like little girls

Here’s a great example of your prospect when you try and sell too early… I have one daughter (and three sons) and of course I’m wrapped around her finger…or at least that’s what I’m told. Anyway, Macy’s been hitting this little stubborn phase.  Not really with me, but definitely with my wife. It goes something like […]

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Simple habits to elevate your game into the Top 1%

There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damn lies, and statistics – Mark Twain We live if the most amazing time in history because we can reach out and touch our market every day…and do it virtually free. And in my humble (and 100% biased opinion) it’s just about habits. A while back I ran […]

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