Monthly Archives: September 2018

Even The Boy Scouts Can’t Help With This…

Have you ever started a fire? Just throw a couple of nice logs in pile, strike a match, and ‘voila’ instant roaring fire. Of course, it really doesn’t work that way. There’s a few things you’ll neeed. Do you have a good fire starter, and some kindling so it will actually catch. Is the wood […]

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If you’re going to be stupid you might as well be smart…

The subject line is a quote from the great, and esteemed Bobby Singer of the TV show “Supernatural.” (Thanks ElBenbo) Seriously, how can losing 4-Billion dollars be anything other than out-of-your-mind, chased too many parked cars, playing on the freeway insane? Ok, Let’s take the red pill and check out…”the real”.  Because this is a perfect […]

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Losing $4,000,000,000 on Purpose?

Have you ever ran a promotion that bombed?  Have you ever lost customers…not prospects, but hard earned, trusted, valued, and paying customers because of an ad? A company just bet huge that being controversial will be good for business.  And they lost almost $4 Billion dollars  (that a 4 with 9 zeros!) in less than 24 hours* because […]

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A Good Idea: 4-wheelers and 4-kids…

Dropping in on you during this holiday weekend with a little story… Yesterday, my family and I (including all 4 kids—under 9) went up to my brother-in-law’s hunting cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. A couple of hours in the truck (one way) with the requisite “potty breaks”, and our sanity was mostly intact. All […]

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