Monthly Archives: July 2016

3 Ways to Focus Content on Conversion of Leads to Clients

If you have been in business longer than about 24 hours, you know that getting people to your website and actually having them become a customer is not about publishing a few articles and watching the cash roll in. There are a number of problems and issues that are setup to distract people and keep a […]

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How Are Local Businesses Reaching More Customers With Facebook?

As a local business, perhaps you have heard this…. “To get anyone to see your posts on Facebook, you have to pay!” or “Organic reach is dead!” Do you believe this? Well, yes it is all true. You can reach thousands of people everyday for free using Facebook.  (With some ifs…) When spend money on Facebook ads, your […]

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Beyond Features and Benefits: Make Your Story Compelling

Does this describe your potential customers? “You have the attention span of a goldfish”. “Life is being lived 144 characters at a time”. “You’re competing with cat videos”. It’s pretty obvious that we live in a time where people are more distracted than ever. This should never be far from your mind, in fact I would […]

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