10,000 versions of Facebook?

A maze of rumor, conjecture, and actual facts.

One of my friends got a note in his Facebook Ads manager that his ad copy was too long.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal except that long copy is exactly what he is known for.

He literally has built his entire business around this single skill (and he’s amazing at it.)

SO, I got a rather alarmed text almost immediately because of the implications for his biz, as well as all his clients.

One thing we started talking about is the desires of Facebook. 

Their stated objective is that it’s all about the user experience…but are the actions consistent?

I’ve heard that the mighty Zuck has stated that there may be as many as 10,000 versions of Facebook running at any one moment in time. 

Boiling that statement down really means that they test…

….and they test a lot!

For us, it means we need to slow our roll.  Just because something changes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s permanent.  Nor, does it mean it’s impacting everyone.

However, one thing I’ve learned over time is the need to be flexible.

Semper Gumby baby!

( Always flexible 🙂 )

As long as you stay active, keep changing with the audience, and be willing to adapt…there will be opportunity. 

And if someone’s first reaction is to panic, then people who take quick action actually climb the revenue ladder and gain more marketshare.

That’s called opportunity…

Brandon “Take Action” Pugsley

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