100 degree follow-up lesson

A while back we had little blow come through and knock a few shingles off my roof.

Of course we tarped it, but it was an outbuilding so wasn’t that important J.

Well, yesterday the tax came due.

Not sure why I decided that a 100 degree day was a good day to fix it…but there I was:

Stripping shingles. Cutting out damaged wood.  And wishing I could mainline water and Gatorade…

It was REALLY stinking hot…and created total respect for the boys who do that day-in and day-out.  Seriously!

I chuckled about two hours in…no matter what it things look like on the surface, it’s NEVER what you actually end up dealing with. 

Because you need to fix all the foundation crap, or the whole thing’s going to end up looking like a 3rd grade art project.

It’s the same…

One of the first holes I fix when I work with clients is to get after prospects who raised their hand but don’t take any action.

It’s the fastest, quickest, and least expensive way to add some dolla bills to the bottom line.

Why?  Because people’s behavior is actually very consistent…and the type of project doesn’t really matter:

  1. “The hole’s in the roof and it’s raining”                    – the action taker
  2. “I want to, but I gotta figure it out”                            – the curious
  3. “Not sure that will do it.”                                           – the skeptic
  4. “Why bother…”                                                          – doesn’t matter…never buying

With both my clients and in the system I teach, I go after #2 and #3.

Because, that’s the largest peice of your market, and when you begin tapping into it…everything changes.

In round numbers, it’s about 50% of your market.  The action takers are about 5%, but everyone focused on that…

Alright, time’s getting short. 

If you don’t want to wait until it’s unbearably hot to start working on that bigger market, my 4th of July done-for-you offer may be just for you.

I’ll design and build an email campaign to get more than just your action takers to move.

But due to bandwidth issues, I am limiting this.

So, if you’re interested…let’s talk:

Brandon “Loving the A/C” Pugsley

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