10 Ways to Really Enjoy Labor Day Weekend

Have a Relaxing Labor Day!

Have a Relaxing Labor Day!

The first Labor Day took place in New York City on Sept. 5, 1882, with picnics organized by the city’s Central Labor Union. It became a legal holiday by an 1894 act of Congress.

I have to admit that the thought of celebrating work by not doing any seems like a great idea.

As I look around and see the number of hours that people put into their businesses, the amount of effort that is dedicated to keeping your businesses running, and the shorter attention spans through the advent of smaller and small technology widgets, I wonder if the thought of labor day is actually better than the actual holiday.

10 Activities That you (and the Family) can do to Really Enjoy Labor Day

1.  Take in a free concert.  Virtually every city has the “concert in the park” somewhere.  Pull up the local newspaper (even the online version) and take in some good music.

2. Get to the pool.  As the official closing of summer.  Take the family to the local pool.   Enjoy the hot weather, cool water, and the last long holiday of summer.

3.  Kayak, paddleboard, or canoe.  Check out your local lake, state park, or even river.  With plenty of waterfront available, enjoy the water and the scenery.

4.  Take a Hike.  Grab a water bottle, and some snacks and head for hiker’s paradise.  Get away from the bustle and enjoy mother nature.

5.  Go see a Baseball game.  Whether major leage, or the minors, a trip to the ballpark is an enjoyable afternoon for the entire family.

6.  Get into a book.  Maybe your labor day is grabbing a book, using that hammock one last time, and getting lost in the story you have.

7.  Check out the theater.  With the long weekend, all the local theaters and having their last shows, plays, dramas, and musicals.  See these professionals and aspisring professionals perform and new shows or even the classics.

8.  Fly a kite.  Engage in some old-fashined kite flying, and enjoy one of the wonderful parks that you have available.

9.  Visit the Zoo.  Kids and Grandkids will remember the family day at the Zoo.  Animals, face painters, funnel cakes, and more make this type of place a special visit every time.

10.  Crash. Work hard…play hard…take a nap!  Sometimes the best holiday adventure is just a day for relaxation.

Whatever adventure your day brings, I wish you and your family happiness and a chance to make more memories.

Happy Labor day!



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